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I have implemented an OpenID IdP and an RP. They seem to be working-- the RP is contacting the IdP and is redirecting to the IdP for authentication. The only problem is when I am on the authenticate/authorize page it says "This site failed verification." I dug around in the code a little and saw a few things that it was doing. I have a hunch that it has something to do with the Yadis document not being found. My site's realm shoots off a 302 Found status code, so I thought this might be the problem and set it up to have an "Accept" request header which can be fed the Yadis document type ("application/xrds+xml"). Then instead of issuing the 302 Found redirect, it returns the document.

I also tried placing the X-XRDS-Location header... no go. Any other suggestions?

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It took a nice rework, but once I fixed the 302 Found to a 200 OK response, I was golden.


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