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Can someone please tell me how to make tasklist.exe file run on Windows 2000. I downloaded the file from net & placed under the system32 folder. However when I tried to execute the file it prompted me a message "ERROR:the target system must be running Windows XP or above"

So can someone please tell me how to run this on windows 2000? I badly need this, as I am doing a batch script to find out the foreground processes running in my windows 2000 machine.

Appreciate your help.

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I looked but couldn't find a version for Windows 2000. But I did find this article on using an alternative program.

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how to write windows batch script to run procexp.exe? –  orbitsugarfree0000 Nov 9 '10 at 5:04
Sorry, I don't know batch. –  BlakeWilliams Nov 9 '10 at 5:15

The original tasklist.exe will not work in stock Windows 2000 because it's looking for APIs which don't exist there. You can use a modified version created blackwingcat:


Just download and unpack taskcmds.cab.

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