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What are some examples of large projects (e.g., web sites) programmed in Lisp or a Lisp framework?

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Look for some projects done with Clojure. – James Black Nov 9 '10 at 3:45

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Most of emacs and its many extensions/modes are written in emacs lisp.

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The Operating System and in fact the entire system on the various Lisp Machines was written in Lisp. In fact, while the commercial Lisp Machines often used more traditional languages such as Verilog and VHDL, on some of the more "researchy" Lisp Machines, even the CPU was written in Lisp.

Lispers just love their language. They'd rather write everything in it. (In that way, they are similar to Smalltalkers.)

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There's a discussion from Lambda The Ultimate from a couple years back that's relevant.

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The early versions of Reddit were written in Lisp. The Yahoo Store (formerly ViaWeb) was written in Lisp.

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Flightcaster is a heavy user of Clojure. While Ruby on Rails provides the pretty face, all the "thinking" (statistical analysis / machine learning) is done in Clojure.

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These bioinformatics platforms are both built on Lisp:

BioCyc (sorry, can't post a link -- try biocyc dot org)

BioBike (sorry, can't post a link -- try biobike dot org)

As was this commercial application for pharmaceutical chemists:

All are fairly large projects, at least in terms of complexity (I've worked on all three of them).

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GBBopen is an actively maintained AI framework, a blackboard system, in Lisp ->

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