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The way I plan to use it is:

  1. At the seminar, have people send SMS to a number to vote.
  2. On the backend (assuming that the data comes back to my Web server), I will display the voting results on my Web site.
  3. After say 10 minutes, I would like to press a button on my Web site so ONE of the people who sent an SMS earlier receive an SMS saying that person is a winner.

I'm an ASP .Net developer, so I just need an API to code against. One such company I saw that does this (but is limited to US) is:


Do you know any international providers that are similar to Twilio SMS? I'm based in Sydney, Australia.

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I've used SMSGlobal before. Check out their API (the documentation is available on the website) to see if they have this functionality - I think from memory they do.

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Checking out SMSglobal now. The other 2 providers I've found is ClickATell and Tropo. – Weng Fai Wong Nov 9 '10 at 22:59

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