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For example, glfw for Max OS installed the library in /usr/local/lib/. Now I want to use it in an Xcode project. I can't seem to add it because Mac Finder has hidden that folder.

How do I find it to add? Ideally how do I just paste in an arbitary path somewhere without having to drag files from Finder?

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This really isn't a programming question to do with glfw. It's more to do with "how do I open hidden or system folders ...". This is answered here.

For Xcode specifically, you could right-click an appropriate group folder and click Add>Existing Frameworks... then click Add Other, then use the Cmd-Shift-G shortcut to get the "Go to this folder:" in the open panel (standard in all open/save panels). Choose your library and you're off.

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That did it thanks, I would never have figured out the magic key combo – justinhj Nov 11 '10 at 5:22

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