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I installed the RSE plugin in Eclipse intending to either use SSH or FTP to work with files on a remote machine. I set up both an SSH and FTP connection, but neither works.

For example, here is what happens when I connect using FTP:

alt text

As you can see, the directories on the server show up, but I can't do anything with them. No sub-folders are showing up and none of the files can be opened.

I'm completely new to Eclipse, (though certainly not new to working with FTP) so I really don't know what to do to get this working.

Also, is there any way to use this with the PHP perspective at all?

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First, make sure you are using the latest update site for RSE. In Eclipse, go to Preferences >> Install/Update >> Available Software Sites and check that the update site for RSE is listed correctly and it is enabled. You can learn the latest update site from the Target Management Home Page (look for an update site link next to the latest release announcement).

Once you do that, you must also have the RSE Core plugin enabled in addition to SSH or FTP services. In Eclipse, go to Help >> Install New Software. Expand the TM and RSE Uncategorized category and install the RSE Core plugin.

You should now see sub-folders, and have more options on the remote folder right-click menu. You can, for example create a remote project or import remote folders into your current project.

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Thank you for finally solving this for me! That works perfectly now. –  Nathan Osman Nov 22 '10 at 1:37

Your problem might be associated with the "Show files only" checkbox. In the Remote Systems perspective right-click on "Sftp Files" and try to create a new connection. In the "File Filter" dialog window make sure the "Show files only" checkbox is not checked.

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