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Strangest thing I've seen yet.. NSLog is failing within a method based on something bizarre. Here is the code:

-(void) testBoard {
BoardManager* bm = [BoardManager manager];
 Board* board = [bm boardForName:@"fourteen by eight"];
 NSLog(@"%@", board);
 NSLog(@"%@", board.coords);

in Board.m :

-(NSArray*) coords {
  if(!_coords.count && _definition) {
    NSArray* c = [Board decode:_definition];
    [self setCoords:c];
  return _coords;

    +(NSArray*) decode:(NSString*)encodedCoords {
 NSMutableArray* coords = [NSMutableArray array];
 NSArray* tokens = [encodedCoords componentsSeparatedByString:@","];
 int i = 0;
 NSString* dimStr = [tokens objectAtIndex:i++];
 int width = [dimStr substringToIndex:2].intValue;
 int height = [dimStr substringWithRange:NSMakeRange(2, 2)].intValue;
 int depth = [dimStr substringFromIndex:4].intValue;
 NSLog(@"w=%d h=%d d=%d", width, height, depth);

 NSString* b128;
 NSString* b2;

 for(int z=0; z<depth; z++) {
  for(int y=0; y<height; y++) {
   b128 = [tokens objectAtIndex:i++];
   NSLog(@"[%@]", b128);

   b2 = [Board base128to2:b128];

   for(int x=0; x<b2.length; x++) {
    if([b2 characterAtIndex:b2.length-1-x] == '1') {
     Coord* coord = [Coord x:width-1-x y:height-1-y z:z];
     [coords addObject:coord];
 return coords;

Now what happens is, none of the NSLog statements within decode: or methods called from decode: will log to the console. However, NSLog before and after calling decode: work, and the rest of the code around the NSLog's executes fine. I found that I could get all the NSLog statements to work simply by commenting out [coords addObject:coord];. This statement appears after NSLog statements that it is affecting. I also found I could get the NSLog's to work by rearranging a few lines in testBoard: like this:

   -(void) testBoard
 BoardManager* bm = [BoardManager manager];
 Board* board = [bm boardForName:@"fourteen by eight"];
 NSLog(@"%@", board);

 NSString* def = board.definition;
 NSArray* coords = [Board decode:def];

 NSLog(@"%@", coords);

This seems quite bizarre..an xcode Loch Ness monster surfacing?!

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Have you tried running in the debugger? What happens when you get to that if statement

 if(!_coords.count && _definition)

Are you sure _coords.count is 0 and _definition is not nil

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In my experience, NSLog macro expansions can fail. Most of the time it's obvious why, sometimes not. Just do something like this:

id objToLog = /* whatever */;
NSLog(@"%@", objToLog);

If this approach works, you can go ahead with your development and maybe you figure the problem out later.

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