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I've got an issue installing gems on my mac (os 10.6).

I used to be able to run

gem install <gem-name-here>

but after updating something, it could be the version of gem I'm using, but it's unlikely, I now get the error:

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::FilePermissionError)
You don't have write permissions into the /usr/bin directory.

On the face of it, it looks like my 'GEM_HOME' isn't set. If so, why has this been unset, and how can I change it back?

Secondly - when I run

gem list

I see all gems - including those in ~/.gem, but when I run:

gem server

I only see gems in /usr/bin... strange huh?

Any help would be great to resolve this - I dont like using sudo to install gems constantly.

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use rvm. it's really a good system to avoid sudo – shingara Nov 9 '10 at 8:30
What do you get when doing a 'gem env' ? – Dark Castle Dec 1 '11 at 4:46
  1. Install RVM.
  2. Profit!

It really is that simple. In addition, you will be able to install and easily switch between different Ruby versions and sets of gems with a single command. It will all be installed in ~/.rvm (by default) and you won't need to use sudo to install gems.

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Ok. But this doesn't answer the issue I had – Buzbe Nov 9 '10 at 23:07

Have you tried doing $bundle update after installing the gems that you wanted?

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