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Table 1

id   name   text
1    apple  hi
2    apple  hello
3    apple  good morning
4    betty  hello
5    betty  good afternoon

Hello, let's say I have this table what is the most efficient/simplest sql to get count of similar rows in this case, how many texts for each name such that I get the results combined into 1 table:

name   textcount
apple  3
betty  2
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select name, count(*) from Table1 group by name

you need to read up on "aggregate functions" in SQL. One reference is here:

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Ah, ic. I am so not familiar with the group by function, time to do more read up. Thanks alot! – codingnoob Nov 9 '10 at 8:20

say i have a similar table as yours:

id  name      text
1   apple     hi
2   apple     hello
3   orange    bye
4   orange    how do you do
5   vodafone  good evening
6   orange    good afternoon

The simplest query to obtain the count of texts according each name in the table would be:


select name, COUNT (text) as count_text_for_name from table_2 group by name


name    count_text_for_name
apple      2
orange    3
vodafone    1
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