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This is mainly aimed at those in Australia but if you have insight, it's much appreciated. I'm looking to create an iPhone Developer's Account. My brother and I are looking to develop some games part-time.

I'm leaning towards choosing the Company license given that the Individual license doesn't give you anyway to list the app under a company name. I was wondering what exactly constitutes a company in this respect?

I have an ABN as a sole trader (without a trading name). Is that sufficient or is there some other process I have to go through (ideas at expenses involved will be useful)?

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If Australia's system works the same way as the U.S., you can simply start a company as a sole proprietorship (i.e., the business is just you, but you can choose a name for the venture). I think that's the purpose of the ABN.

There may be some requirement to publish what is known a fictitious business name statement in the U.S.

In short, you don't have to form a corporation just to be eligible for Appe's Company license.

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I know this is an old question but in case anyone is looking. You can't get a company developer account with just an ABN in Australia. You need an ACN too which has expensive implications and isn't really practical for small developers...

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