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I'm writing spec for my pure ruby program and what I want to do is to somehow load spec.opts in my test suite.

I Rails we can just create a corresponding file and put it in the spec folder of an app. But when I put a spec.opts file in folder with my program in it - the magic doesn't work :)

My motivation is to get rid of passing options, i.e.

spec my_program_spec.rb -c -f s

every time I run spec command.

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The --options flag lets you specify a file of options rather than entering them one-by-one:

spec --options spec/spec.opts

You could also create a Rakefile in the root directory of the project and put something like this in it:

require 'spec/rake/spectask' do |t|
  t.spec_opts = ['--options', 'spec/spec.opts']

This would let you run your test suite with the file of options using Rake:

rake spec

(I haven't used RSpec 2 yet, so all of this is RSpec 1).

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Is this Rspec 2? If so, options go into .rspec instead of spec.opts. .rspec can go in the project root, or in the user home directory (./.rspec or ~/.rspec).

If it is Rspec 1, put spec.opts in the project root folder.

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