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How do I implement the Excel VLOOKUP worksheet function in Python. Any idea?

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possible duplicate of Accessing Vlookup Macro Code in Excel? –  Lance Roberts Nov 9 '10 at 9:21
What do you mean, 'implement'? Do you want to access an existing worksheet and calculate something via vlookup, or do you just want to replicate the functionality in something? –  Daniel Roseman Nov 9 '10 at 9:37

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If you are using xlrd to read your Excel XLS file:

Get the key column values that need to be searched on:

key_values = sheet.col_values(KEY_COLX, start_rowx=START_ROWX, end_rowx=END_ROWX) # UPPER_CASE variables (KEY_COLX etc) are part of your problem description.

Search those values to find what you are looking for:

# example here is exact match
    found_offset = key_values.index(QUERY_VALUE)
except IndexError:
    # not found
    # do something else

Then you pick out the data cell you want e.g.

sheet.cell(START_ROWX + found_offset, KEY_COLX + DATA_OFFSET)

Not using xlrd? See here.

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