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<title>Ajax Demonstration</title>
    border:2px solid #000000;
    font:24px normal verdana, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function getXMLHTTPRequest() 
    req = new XMLHttpRequest();
    req = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP");
    catch (err2)
try {
req = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
} catch (err3) {
req = false;
return req;
var http = getXMLHTTPRequest();
function getServerTime() {
var myurl = 'telltimeXML.php';
myRand = parseInt(Math.random()*999999999999999);
var modurl = myurl+"?rand="+myRand;"GET", modurl, true);
http.onreadystatechange = useHttpResponse;
function useHttpResponse() {
if (http.readyState == 4) {
if(http.status == 200) {
var timeValue = http.responseXML.getElementsByTagName("timenow")[0];
document.getElementById('showtime').innerHTML= timeValue.childNodes[0].nodeValue;

<body style="background-color:#cccccc"
<h1>Ajax Demonstration</h1>
<h2>Getting the server time without page refresh</h2>
<input type="button" value="Get Server Time"
<div id="showtime" class="displaybox"></div>

Above is my code in to get the system time from server . however m unable to get the required time for display !!! please help.

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Why don't you use a library (jQuery for example) for your ajax calls? This would avoid many mistakes I believe – GôTô Nov 9 '10 at 9:57
have problem only for display result or your ajax service does not works ? – Ehsan Nov 9 '10 at 9:58
@ehsan yes i think that the ajax service is not working .but how should i confirm this ? – user501695 Nov 9 '10 at 10:03
You could confirm this with jQuery ;) as already mentioned. It offers to execute a function, if the ajax-request fails... – Alex Sawallich Nov 9 '10 at 10:38
Use Firebug or similar javascript debugging tool to examine the server reply. – jmz Nov 9 '10 at 11:41

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