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I have the following problem, when I pass GString to SQL.executeInsert, the text variables are not automatically souranded by ' so the insert query failes:

String value4fa = "I would like to get know"
int value4fb = 2
def query = "INSERT INTO TAB_A (F_A, F_B) VALUES (${value4fa}, ${value4fb})"

If I put ' by myself:

 def query = "INSERT INTO TAB_A (F_A, F_B) VALUES ('${value4fa}', ${value4fb})"

Groovy informs me that I have introduced a security hole, because Groovy can not use PreparedStatement to execute the SQL query.

Could anybody explain me how to force Groovy to evaluate query body correctly and prepare the variables?

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groovy should never need the ', because they are only required for literal strings (which should be avoided for several reasons), but not for bind variables –  ammoQ Nov 9 '10 at 10:53
Is that the right syntax for your db? I'm more used to seeing INSERT INTO TAB_A (F_A, F_B) VALUES (${value4fa}, ${value4fb}) –  Andrew Nov 9 '10 at 13:47

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I have not tested this idea, but this link mentions using prepared statements.

It provides this example:

firstName = "yue"
lastName = "wu"
sql.execute("insert into people (firstName, lastName) "+
  " values (?,?)", [firstName, lastName])

If necessary, it is easy to add single-quotes to the variables themselves (rather than the SQL string).

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