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I have installed Apache on my local machine (Windows 7, using AppServ). I opened a library called "MySite" under AppServ directory, so to access it I use the following URL:

The problem is that when I use

<link type='text/css' href='/stylesheets/main.css' rel='stylesheet' media='all' /> 

The file is not loaded since it tries to look it in instead of .

How can I change this?



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Edit your apache.conf File and set your DocumentRoot to MySite

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Thanks, but is there any way to change the apache settings so it will act as required? –  Joel Nov 9 '10 at 10:03
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Actually, your question shows a flaw in your setup:

You want to point to a certain directory, say /var/www/MySite.

This implies that

  • points to /var/www/, and that
  • points to /var/www/stylesheets.

But you want to point to a subdirectory, say /var/www/MySite/stylesheets.

It's possible, but probably not very wise.


  • Add an Alias for /stylesheets to /var/www/MySite/stylesheets
  • Set the DocumentRoot to /var/www/MySite and access the site with
  • vhosts
  • Rewrite rules
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