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sub routine1 { 
    return wantarray ? () : undef;

sub routine2 { 

Is there any difference between this two subroutines?

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From perldoc -f return:

If no EXPR is given, returns an empty list in list context, the undefined value in scalar context, and (of course) nothing at all in a void context.

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Actually, there is a difference...

Take a look at this link from Perl Critic.

Returning undef upon failure from a subroutine is pretty common. But if the subroutine is called in list context, an explicit return undef; statement will return a one-element list containing (undef). Now if that list is subsequently put in a boolean context to test for failure, then it evaluates to true. But you probably wanted it to be false.

It's subtle, but could be an issue.

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This doesn't apply here. undef is not being returned in list context. –  Zaid Nov 9 '10 at 17:56

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