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I am using JFreeChart to generate bar charts. Everything is working find, but I have one very minor issue: the left side of the bar is overlapping the y-axis. I would prefer to have the bars sticking (but not overlapping) to the axis. If my description is unclear: everything would be perfect if the bars move 1 pixel to the right.

At first I thought the bar's stroke was the problem, but disabling the stroke gives the same problem.

Edit: The image is zoomed in at the problem area. The blue areas are the bars, and I would like the axis (the gray line) to be drawn on top, and not below.

alt text

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Could you please add an example image? – dacwe Nov 9 '10 at 11:19

It looks like a CategoryPlot, so you should have a CategoryDomain as the x-axis (Numeric as y) as the plot area so you'll need to set the margins (as a percent of axis) for the CategoryDomain that you've defined as the x-axis. I used this feature in a CombinedRangeCategoryPlot something like this:

    CombinedRangeCategoryPlot plot = new CombinedRangeCategoryPlot(numberAxis);
    CategoryAxis domain = new CategoryAxis();
    plot.add(new CategoryPlot(data, domain, null, renderer));

see documentation:

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It looks like you may want to invoke setBase() on your BarRenderer. You'll probably have to adjust the value empirically.

BarRenderer renderer = (BarRenderer) plot.getRenderer();
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