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how can I strip trace() messages from a flex and flash applications ?

I write flash and flex applications and i use a lot of trace messages for debugging, but when i product the actual swf i want it to be stripped from any trace messages.


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Think about changing from trace to a more sophisticated logging method. Either debugging properly, or using something like the logging functions included in the SDK.… – Gregor Kiddie Nov 9 '10 at 13:21
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If you export a release build, it won't include the trace statements. Project->Export Release Build...

I recommend doing this, rather than releasing debug builds, as the compiler will also strip all the debug information, leaving you with a substantially smaller file.

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Note, if you are doing an Ant build, then the build is by default a release build. – Marty Pitt Nov 9 '10 at 12:09
Only for MXMLC... IIRC COMPC does debug by default in some versions of the SDK – Gregor Kiddie Nov 9 '10 at 13:19

For Flex applications, use the compiler argument:

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I believe the Publisher has a "Omit Trace Actions" option on the "Publisher Options " menu.

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Just spent some time searching how to omit trace messages in a Flex library project using ANT.

My problem was that I successfully omitted trace messages of my Flash Builder projects, but the trace messages from my embedded swc still popped up.

For Flash Builder projects I'm using in ANT:

<mxmlc ...>
    <arg value="compiler.omit-trace-statements=true" />

But the <arg ... property was completely ignored when using in an <compc> task (generating the swc file which I used later on).
The solution finally was quite simple:


So to omit trace output coming from swc libraries, don't forget to set debug=false.

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A release-build will not omit trace statements!

To omit trace statements in the Flash builder environment: Place in your flex compiler arguments.

-omit-trace-statements=true -debug=false

On release build the compiled swf should exclude trace statements.

IMPORTANT In order to have trace statements in the future, you have change the compiler settings back and restart Flash Builder.

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