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I have a Ruby app which (on Linux) uses the /proc filesystem to get information on its memory usage. Does anyone know how to get the same information for Mac OSX? The task_info system call looks promising but is there an equivalent available from Ruby?

To be clear, I'm looking for a system call, I don't want to kick off a process for this (sorry Lars!).

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Referring to this answer it seems like you need to call proc_pidinfo(). I don't think there's a Ruby equivalent, so either you'll have to write a C-extension or use the ruby-ffi gem.

Other sources indicate Ruby 1.9.2 ships with a built in FFI -- but that version is not delivered with OS X.

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Taken from

memory_usage = `ps -o rss= -p #{}`.to_i # in kilobytes 

Verified to work in both Linux and OS X.

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The OS gem has an rss_bytes method that works for Linux/windows/OS X ...

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