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I'm looking for information regarding digital signatures for document signing (PDF, office, etc)

  • What companies offer this service?
  • Is it possible to steal a private-key and forge someones signatures? I believe it is.
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  1. Check with different CAs, eg. GlobalSign, Comodo. The exact CA offering to use depends on your particular plans - do you want to purchase certificates one by one or you want to purchase a CA Certificate for your company and issue end-user certificates yourself.
  2. Yes, it's possible unless you protect it properly. The best approach is to use USB cryptotoken (aladdin eToken, Rainbow, Athena - three names that come to mind, all searchable in Google). Once the private key is added, USB cryptotoken doesn't let it out, so one can't use the key unless s/he steals the device itself AND learns the PIN (passcode that protects the keys in the device).
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Hello Eugene, thanks for the reply. I think the first option to get an CA would be the best. The company has 400-500 workers, so I think its better for an admin to issue end-user certificates. –  Andre Nov 10 '10 at 11:53

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