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I am trying to process some PHP code to extract keys from a specific array. I am using regular expressions to do so.

A sample source text :

$src = 'if ( $loc["key"] == $val) { // some stuff }';

The regex code :


Which gives me the right answer :


But if change src to :

$src = 'if ( $loc["key"] == $val ) { $loc["otherkey"] == $val; }';

It gives :

key"] == $val ) { $loc["otherkey

Does anyone have any idea why is it like this, and how to resolve this ?

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You need to make the dot ungreedy by appending "U" to your expression:


Or replace the dot with the "but not quote" expression:

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Thank you very much, I did not know the "greedy" purpose of regex. And the second solution is also quite elegant :-) – Antoine Nov 9 '10 at 11:28

Make + non-greedy(lazy):


Otherwise, it tries to match as many characters as possible (.+) until it finds another " (the last one).

Or maybe better is to match all characters except double quotes:


Btw, as you use single quotes for the expression, you don't need to escape the double quotes.

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