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Can I find the id of a combo box in JavaScript, not its value?

jsp file code

function ChangeColor(colors) {
    var partcolor = (colors.options[colors.selectedIndex].value);

    if (partcolor=="black"){
      document.getElementById("colorRow").style.backgroundColor = 'black';
    else if(partcolor=="brown")  {
     document.getElementById("colorRow").style.backgroundColor ='brown';
    }   else if(partcolor=="yellow")  {
     document.getElementById("colorRow").style.backgroundColor ='yellow';

java file code

public String getColor(String colorName) {
mySB.append("<select onchange=\"ChangeColor(this);\" style=\"font-size:0.8em;\" id=\"").append(colorName).append("\" name=\"").append(colorName).append("\">")
            .append("<option value=\"\">&nbsp;</option>");


How can I print the id of combo box here?

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HTML doesn't have combo boxes (which are a combination of a select menu and a text box). It's just a select, or dropdown menu –  Gareth Nov 9 '10 at 11:34
Seems you set the ID to nothing here: id=\"" –  mplungjan Nov 9 '10 at 12:08

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You can iterate the entire list of controls in the form and get their id's. Based on your need, you can differentiate the control in quest using the type,name etc.

function DisplayFormControl()
var str = '';
var elementList = document.getElementById('FormId').elements;
for(var i = 0; i < elementList.length; i++)


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