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How to add CGMutablePathRef to NSMutableArray?

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CGMutablePath path = <... your path ...>;
[mutableArray addObject:(id)path];

CGPath and CGMutablePath are just opaque CFType object types, and those can be added (via casting to id) to any Cocoa container classes that are toll-free bridged to their CoreFoundation counter-parts.

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You can wrap CGMutablePathRef to a NSValue and store it in array. Then when needed unwrap it:

NSValue *pathValue = [NSValue valueWithPointer: path];
[array addObject:pathValue];

NSValue *pathValue = [array objectAtIndex: index];
CGMutablePathRef path = [pathValue pointerValue];

Note that valueWithPointer: method does not affect object's retain count so you must not release your path when adding to array (release it later when it is not needed anymore)

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