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I am trying to get the most recent item created by a specific user by CAML query but it seems to return all the data created by everyone.

Help please.

Here's my code:

string lifestyleQuery = @"<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Author' /><Value Type='Text'>" + _id + @"</Value></Eq></Where>";
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What is the value of the variable _id? – Jason Evans Nov 9 '10 at 12:45
Try this tool to help you – Jason Evans Nov 9 '10 at 12:47

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Try this:

SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
query.Query = @"<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Author' LookupId='TRUE' /><Value Type='Integer'>" + _id + @"</Value></Eq></Where><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Created' Ascending='False' /></OrderBy>";
query.RowLimit = 1;
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Dang beat me to it. This is exactly what she needs. :) – Kit Menke Nov 9 '10 at 14:25
WOW! Thanks Rich. :D – janejanejane Nov 9 '10 at 16:03

Use this to get the current date in a CAML acceptable format:

DateTime dt = DateTime.Now;
string currentDate = String.Format("{0:yyyy-MM-ddThh-mm-ssZ}", dt);

This query will give you the items created by a user from newest to oldest. I'm not sure how you would return only one node.

string lifestyleQuery = @"<Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Date'></OrderBy><Where><And><Eq><FieldRef Name='Author' /><Value Type='Text'>" + _id + @"</Value></Eq><Lt><FieldRef Name='Date' /><Value Type='DateTime'>" + currentDate + @"</Value></Lt></Where></Query>";

You might have to mess around with the query a bit to get correct column names (etc.), but I think this might be what you're asking?

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