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Is it possible to inject Loggin behaviour to the marked classes or/and methods like this:

Log("Method {0} started",GetMethodNameTroughReflection)
Call method body
Log("Method {0} Finished",GetMethodNameTroughReflection)

I want to create my own Attribute class, which will realize loging behaviour for method call.

I want to describe login behaviour in the app.config file, thoug it can be disabled by a setting in config.

How to do it right? Maybe there is created solution for tasks like this one?

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You might wanna check PostSharp or an IoC framework and read about aspect oriented programming. – Gustavo Puma Nov 9 '10 at 12:29

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This can be done using aspect-oriented programming (AOP). Have a look at PostSharp. See the sample for tracing here:

Non-Invasive Tracing & Logging

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Search for 'aspect oriented programming' - Logging is a canonical example. for instance this link accomplishes it using PostSharp

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