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I have an xml structure like this:

<node2 name="">
<node2 name="">
<node2 name="">

How can i write an xquery to find if there is a node2 that has name=a

Please help, thank you!

I tried the following but neither seemed to work. What is wrong with these queries?

select tbl.query('node1/node2[@name="a"]')
from tbl

select tbl.query('node1/node2[@name=''a'']')
from tbl
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You'd simply select /node1/node2[@name = 'a'] (or //node2[@name = 'a']) with XPath.

If the select result is empty, there is no matching node.

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i tried this but the result is null even when i know it has a node with that attribute. is there any other way? – medusa Nov 9 '10 at 12:52

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