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I would like to get some help with finding a particular item that shows in my website's homepage. I'm trying to edit the page source code by using Bluehost online File Manager. The thing is I couldn't find the specific page where I can find the relevant code to edit. I bought this website source code from a company that installed it on the servers and now I want to edit inside stuff by myself.

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You bought the source code of Magento? – Peter Lindqvist Nov 9 '10 at 12:44

There is no single file responsible so put the file manager away. Mostly the front page content is controlled from the administration in the menu CMS > Pages. Look for "Homepage" in the list that shows and click it to edit.

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Go to admin side: Catalog->manage products.

Select product then click on it. Then you are able update the info related to this product.

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