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i'm developing a Twitter client for Android and i would like to know which is the better way to build my app. I want to have a listview that, when clicked, calls another listview to see details and so on but i would also like to be able to go back in my previous list.

What is the best way to do this in Android? At every click i create a new intent associated to an activity and i do startActivity(intent) so that i can be able to go back with the Back button of Android.

Is it the good way or is there a better approach? I would like to navigate onward and backward of n-levels

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The way to navigate back in Android is by launching the Activity intent waiting for a result Doc link and then when you need to go back from the new Activity simply finish it Doc link

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Calling finish() in an Activity closes it and returns to the previous one. You can call in on a button click or similar.

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