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I tried to change the padding of a TextView wich is placed on a widget. Direct via 'findViewById' it isn't possible because the class extends from AppWidgetProvider.

Therefore I tried to use remoteViews.setBundle with the following code. But this is not a solution.

Bundle b = new Bundle(4);
b.putInt("left", 5);b.putInt("top", 5);b.putInt("right",
5);b.putInt("bottom", 5);
remoteViews.setBundle(R.id.name1, "setPadding", b);

Does anyone have a solution for me?

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Tagging it as android should help find an answer. –  gary Nov 9 '10 at 13:19

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You cannot do this. If you look at the android source the setPadding method is not marked with "@RemotableViewMethod" which allows it's value to be set by the RemoteViews object. The only hack we found was to use a different layout.

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