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Is there any way of getting the date...preferably in YYYYMMDD format...in the Australia/Sydney timezone (not just GMT+11).....through C++ on Linux?



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Yes, but you just use the standard c library mechanisms.

set the desired time zone in the environment by creating a string:

std::string tz = "TZ=Australia/Sydney";
putenv(const_cast<char *>(tz.c_str()));
tzset(); // Initialize timezone data
time_t aTime = time(NULL); // get the time - this is GMT based.
struct tm retTime;
localtime_r(aTime, &retTime); // Convert time into current timezone.
char destString[1024];
strftime(destString, 1023, "%Y%m%d %Z", &retTime); // Format the output in the local time.
std::cout << destString << std::endl;

The problem is that this code is not thread safe - multiple threads changing the timezone information does not end well.

This Answer Gives you a way to do it using boost, which is definitely much easier.

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Using Boost.DateTime (Warning: Not tested, for illustration purposes only)

// Load the timezone database
tz_database db;
// TODO: Adjust this path to your environment

// Get the Sydney timezone
time_zone_ptr sydney_zone = db.time_zone_from_region("Australia/Sydney");

// Current date/time in Sydney
local_date_time sydney_time = local_sec_clock::local_time(sydney_zone);

// Format sydney_time in desired format
std::ostringstream formatter;
formatter.imbue(std::locale(), new local_time_facet("%Y%m%d"));
formatter << sydney_time;


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