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PHP code mkdir('images','0777') creates a folder with 411 permissions! Why?

I am trying to create a folder on my server using php i have been trying this and it is not working it set it to 411 does anyone know why this is happening?

mkdir($create_path, "0777");

i have also tryed chmod but i am getting a safe mode error.

chmod($create_path, '0777');
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Both chmod() and mkdir() accept an integer for $mode. It is easier to use octal numbers in that case:

mkdir('/path', 0777); // using octal
mkdir('/path', 511);  // same thing as previous but using decimal

Be careful and make sure you prepend your mode (i.e.: 777) with a 0 to tell the parser to use octal. Omitting the 0 will make it use decimal and will give a different result.

Since '0777' (string) is converted to decimal 777, it is not the same mode as 0777.

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Second parameter should be integer as you can see here. so use this one

mkdir($create_path, 0777); // it should works!

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this now set it to 755 – Rickstar Nov 9 '10 at 13:50

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