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I have put together a small web app which reads and presents published certiicates for Active Directory and I need to keep the scroll position when I switch from the certificate list view (can be 100's of rows) and the certificate details view.

So I have one LinkButton control in my gridView which has a OnClictClick and OnClick events, the OnClientClick fires this javascript:

function GetScrollPositionY()
   var varScrollY = 0;

   if (document.all)
       if (!document.documentElement.scrollTop)
           varScrollY = document.body.scrollTop;                                                        
           varScrollY = document.documentElement.scrollTop;                                                         
       varScrollY = window.pageYOffset;                                                         

   alert('Client SP: ' + varScrollY)


Basically reading the scroll position and doing a postback, this all works great on my development PC (Visual Studio 2008).

The alert will display the scroll position and then do the postback.

On the server side in the Page_Laod I listen for the specific postback 'ScrollPosY' with the following code:

CheckScrollPostback(this.Request["_EVENTTARGET"], this.Request["_EVENTARGUMENT"])

If it returns the value false then the page load is executed normally as its not a 'ScrollPosY' postback, it its true it sets the sessionstate and exists.

    private bool CheckScrollPostback(string Ctrl, string Value)
        if (Ctrl == "ScrollPosY")
            Session["ScrollPosY"] = Value;

            //lnbCertView_Click(null, null);

            return true;

        return false;

I have added the following code during each Page_Load just to be able to see if the Session["ScrollPosY"] variable was updated.

//Add the call to the SetScrollPosition() function
ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(this.GetType(), "CallScrollPositionYWindow",
                                               String.Format("alert('Server SP: {0}');", GetScrollPositionFromSessionState(Session["ScrollPosY"].ToString())),

As I said when i run this on my development PC it all works just fine, the "Client SP" message reports the correct scroll position and the "Server SP" message confirms sessionstate was updated.

But if a publish and move this web app to any ISS server the "Client SP" reports the scroll position correctly but "Server SP" always reports 0 which means session state is not updated?

I'm assuming it has something to do with that i have two postbacks one via OnClientClick and one via OnClick. Almost seems like the OnClientClick gets canceled by the OnClick event which causes the sessionstate variable to not be updated.

Just as a note I use the OnClick event to fire the event which loads the details view, without it I dont know which row in the list was clicked.

Sorry for the long post but hope I explained mu issue in an understandable way!

Regards, Claudio

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