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I am trying to create a "radar-like" control within our Flex application.

See the following link for an example (sorry, small image...) http://www.radware.com/uploadedImages/Products/Management/Insite/Security-Dashboard.jpg

This is my first foray into drawing with Flex. I would like to draw the main circles of the radar, the radar scanning shape, and circles/balls representing objects within the radar. These objects need to have the ability to be clicked on or hovered over so the user can get more information.

I'm looking at Sprite's and Shapes, etc. but confused as which to use to create such a control.

Any tips, links or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


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Which flex version? –  chchrist Nov 9 '10 at 15:20

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Couple of good options in Flex 3




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Thanks for the links. I hadn't seen axiis. Very interesting. Degrafa may be the answer here. –  fortpointuiguy Nov 10 '10 at 19:38

I would pick http://www.degrafa.org/samples/ for this kind of job.

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Thanks - I'm going to consider working with degrafa... –  fortpointuiguy Nov 10 '10 at 19:38

Before I jump into degrafa, I simply did the following to get the basic radar display drawn. Any thoughts or feedback on how I did this would be great.

            var mySprite:Sprite = new Sprite();
            var mySprite2:Sprite = new Sprite();
            var mySprite3:Sprite = new Sprite();
            mySprite3.graphics.drawCircle(210, 210, 200);               

            mySprite2.graphics.lineStyle(2, 0xA10303, .75);
            mySprite2.graphics.drawCircle(210, 210, 150);

            mySprite.graphics.lineStyle(2, 0xA10303, .75);
            mySprite.graphics.drawCircle(210, 210, 75);

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