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* test 1.1
* test 1.2
      o test 2.1
      o test 2.2
      o test 2.3
            + test 3.1
      o test 2.4
* test 1.3

I need to know that how can i make a CategoriesPanel on my page base on tree model links?

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You may want to look at the wicket-tree project.

Here are some live examples.

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+1 But be warned, Wicket Tree can be a little overwhelming / complex to use. If you do not have unlimited nesting in your categories tree, I would consider using an AJAX version of your taste. For instance, for jQuery: bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-treeview. –  DaGGeRRz Nov 9 '10 at 16:01

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