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I have the following repositories:


I would like to change this to:


where project-repos1..3 are separate repositories and project-directory1..3 are directories of the "new-super-repo" repository. Is this possible? Will the history from the previous repositories be lost?


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Yes, you can dump the repositories with svnadmin dump and then use the --parent-dir option of svnadmin load to join them together into a new repository.

Note that this is a one-way process and that you will loose your current revision numbering.

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You can create a new repo new-super-repo, and then use svn:externals to reference the other projects (repos) within it. History will be maintained.

Then, when a user checks out new-super-repo, they will also be checking out all the sub-repositories underneath it.

Note that when committing back, you will have to commit at the sub-repository level. Committing at the top-level will not automatically commit all the repos underneath.

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you can try out svn switch --relocate FROMPATH TOPATH

I guess this may help you.

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