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I'm having an issue where I'm building an ORM query based on several conditions from a $_POST. The final query looks fine and returns records in a direct SQL query (phpmyadmin) but in my application does not return any records. here is the code...

        $records = ORM::factory('record')->where(array('date >='=>$_POST['fromdate'],'date <='=>$_POST['todate']));
        if ($_POST['agent'] != '0') $records->where(array('ccp_id'=>$_POST['agent']));
        if ($_POST['supervisor'] != '0') {
            $ccps = ORM::factory('employee')->where(array('supervisor_id'=>$_POST['supervisor'],'active'=>'1'))->find_all();
            foreach ($ccps as $ccp) {
                $agents[] = $ccp->id;
            // echo kohana::debug($agents);
        if ($_POST['lead'] != '0') $records->where(array('lead_id'=>$_POST['lead']));
        if ($_POST['reasons'] != '[]') {
            $reasons = explode(',',str_replace(array('[',']','"'),'',$_POST['reasons']));

$records->loaded is false. If I change out the find_all() with count_all() I get an accurate count.

With sample data in the $_POST I have this query in $records->last_query()

SELECT `records`.*
FROM (`records`)
WHERE `date` >= '2010-10-10'
AND `date` <= '2010-11-09'
AND `ccp_id` IN ('E128092','E128093','E124874','E124414','E129056','E137678','E078952','E112701','E084457','E098047','E099221','E001131','E120892')
AND `lead_id` = 'E110873'
AND `reason_id` IN (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24)
ORDER BY `records`.`id` ASC

this returns 4 records in phpmyadmin and (4) for count_all(). I do not understand why this is happening. Any insights would be helpful. Thank you.

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In your last line you should have

$records = $records->find_all();

instead of

// this actually returns you the resultset and resets the query builder object
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this worked perfectly. thank you. I was pulling my hair out over this. –  DewBoy3d Nov 9 '10 at 21:40

Just a note: It's probably better not to wipe out the ORM object ( $results = $records->find_all() instead of $records = $records->find_all()) if you wish to use $records->count_all() or other calls later in your code. Just an issue I ran into.

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$results->count() ;) –  AmazingDreams Aug 15 '13 at 14:39

$records is a Database_Result and has no loaded property. Use count($records) or iterate it with foreach statement to get ORM objects.

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