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I've got an issue with a legacy system I've inherited. Every night a dump from live is run (to script) and restored to QA from said script e.g.:

mysql [params] < path/to/backup.sql

This causes the creation of lots data in the bin logs (DB is a few gigabytes). The bin logs don't seem to get flushed automatically - I can clear them down by running RESET MASTER; from the mysql command line but was wondering if there was any way to automate this? It's running on mysql 4.0.21 under Windows.

EDIT: It's not running as a master to any slave dbs

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great, just comment out log-bin in the mysql configuration and restart the mysqld should disabled the bin logs – ajreal Nov 9 '10 at 17:07
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flush logs
or update & restart mysql server by comment out log-bin = xxx, but this will disabled the replication

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The following will disable sql statements being logged to binary.

mysql> set sql_log_bin=0
mysql> source path/to/backup.sql

This applies to current thread only and is much faster.

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