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I am looking to create a website similar to http://www.fmylife.com. I want to do this with minimal effort if possible, and avoid having to create my own custom cms. I have seen a few community microblog scripts but all of them perform poorly or are overkill for this task. I was hoping someone could recommend a solution that is wordpress oriented to solve this issue.


[SOLVED: I am just going to write my own variation...]

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If you're looking for Wordpress-oriented, then I'd have to suggest Wordpress Stackexchange or, possibly, Superuser, since I'm not sure this question really applies to programming as such. –  David Thomas Nov 9 '10 at 16:54
It might help if fml.com were a website. –  cwallenpoole Nov 9 '10 at 16:57
Well, I don't see what functionality fml.com has that any other website has... I second @David Thomas if you want to use a CMS. Else, as it seems to me, like fml.com, make it static... You know like... websites ? –  Shikiryu Nov 9 '10 at 16:58

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You can use a pre-made cms such as Wordpress or Drupal or Joomla with blog module (but it isn't any close to what you want). Otherwise you could create your own one and make as similar as you want to FML. Anyway, despite what you think, FML isn't that special or original. It shouldn't be that hard to make if you really know how to write php scripts. I can't and i don't have the time to create it for you.

I don't really know how Wordpress is coded, i just took a look at the template system but nothing else. For a Wordpress-oriented question please visit the StackExchange Wordpress site linked in a comment below.

And yes, please, don't trust those scripts and microblog around the web. They are mostly bad-coded and full of vulnerability. If you have to use a cms please use one that has a great community behind the scene.

And remember that copying is wrong, taking inspiration is way better.

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Seems like you're searching for microblogging software. You didn't mention what is lacking in your current list or what it is that's overkill. But look here: http://status.net/

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Fmylife.com is like a micro-blogging system. If you're familiar with Wordpress you can try this : http://techinch.com/2010/11/01/turn-your-wordpress-blog-into-a-tumblr-style-tumblog-for-free/

It transform your wordpress into a tumblr clone. Tumblr is a really good micro-blogging system, with bookmarklet and all...

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Important Information Necessary For a Decent Meaningful Answer:

What is the kind of content you will post?

Will you write all of it or have contributors?

Will these contributors be staff, co-workers, or random people from the whole world?

Do you mean 'like fml.com's design', or 'like fml.com's content', or 'like fml.com's model'?

Do you need categories, tags, custom taxonomies, posts, and pages, plugin's and themes?

What specific systems have you looked into, but found not good enough?

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Some inspiration: http://mymissedopportunities.com/

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