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I am coming across a strange thing. I have a number in binary in the form of string particularly "01001100". But I am getting the exception mentioned above by executing the following code.

String s = "01001100";
byte b = Byte.parseByte(s);
But why is it happening? Whereas in a byte we can store max no. upto 127 and min. upto -128.
And the decimal equivalent of the above number is 76 which is perfectly in the range.

The particular exception I am getting is as:

java.lang.NumberFormatException:Value out of range. value:01001100 radix:10

Is there any way to get rid of it. Yes and it is compulsory for me to use byte only as I am extracting the data stored in the image byte by byte only.
Thank you.

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@all: Thank you very much. :). I have the version supporting the method!! – Supereme Nov 9 '10 at 17:49

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The key is at the end of the exception string: radix:10. You are converting the decimal value 1,001,100 to a byte, and it does not fit. Try this:

String s = "01001100";
byte b = Byte.parseByte(s, 2);
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01001100 is a fairly large number in decimal (over a million; see the docs for parseByte(String)). You probably want the version that accepts a radix:

byte b = Byte.parseByte(s, 2);
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