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table ad:

id uid name                 description     
1  1   BMW Z5               good condition
2  1   Sell house           new           

table ad_values

id sid    m_input   m_value
1  1      car       BMW
2  1      year      2010
3  1      category  1
4  2      year      2005

How can I search in table 'ad_values'? For example I need car BMW wich build year is 2010. I tried something like this:

 SELECT * FROM ad_values WHERE (m_value='BMW' AND m_input='car') AND (m_input='year' AND m_value='2010') AND (m_input='category' AND m_value='1') GROUP BY sid

Then I get SID and SELECT from table 'ad'. But it doesn't work.

Sorry for my English and thanks for any help!

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It seems like you want the results to come from table 'ad' after providing search query terms for table 'ad_values'. Is this something like what you want?


I fixed the query to correctly return matching records.

    DISTINCT a.*
    ad_values v,
    ad a
    v.sid = AND
        (v.m_value='BMW' AND v.m_input='car') OR
        (v.m_input='year' AND v.m_value='2010') OR
        (v.m_input='category' AND v.m_value='1')

This query should yield the following results:

id uid name description
1 1 BMW Z5 good condition

Sound about right?

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MySQL returned an empty result set. – word Nov 9 '10 at 20:41
You are correct. I've updated the query. – karlgrz Nov 10 '10 at 14:36

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