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I have a swing app with a text box bound to a property on my model (this is a READ_WRITE AutoBinding). The model also has an isDirty property that I want to bind to a button's enabled property.

How do I properly notify the binding when I change the state of isDirty.

Here is my binding code:

BeanProperty<PaChannelConfig, Boolean> paChannelConfigBeanProperty_1 = 
BeanProperty<JButton, Boolean> jButtonBeanProperty = 
AutoBinding<PaChannelConfig, Boolean, JButton, Boolean> autoBinding_2 = 
                                       btnApply, jButtonBeanProperty);

What is the proper way to add this notification?

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Basically, the model should have the methods


look at the class PropertyChangeSupport, that class have implementations of the methods above.

In the model, the method setDirty(boolean) should be implemented like this:

public void setDirty(boolean dirty) {
    boolean old = this.dirty;
    this.dirty = dirty;
    firePropertyChange(new PropertyChangeEvent("dirty", old, dirty));

hope that helps

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You can use PropertyChangeSupport to easily implement support for property change notification. The documentation at the provided link has an example of how to set it up and use it.

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