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Do XML parsers translate escaped characters such as 
 even when they occur in CDATA?

I was confused by the answer to this question: Does the XML specification states that parser need to convert \n\r to \n always, even when \n\r appears in a CDATA section?

...because it quotes from the spec saying that sequences like #xD #xA are replaced with a single '\n' character, but then goes on to say that using 
 is a reliable way to preserve the characters. Is the semi-colon significant? (I don't have time to study the XML spec)

Also, I am aware that the 2 characters above are carriage return and line feed, and that they are normalized to just line feed by XML parsers - if the rules for what happens inside CDATA for line breaks is different to escaped sequences in general, then I hereby ask both questions!

Thanks, rp

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Nope. The parser does not touch anything in a CDATA section.

The semicolon does not make a difference.

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