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I'm using the generated folder structure that dh_make generates. Everything is good as long as I mantain this structure:


When I execute fakeroot debian/rules clean binary it does make clean && make && make install DESTDIR=properplace and everything works as my Makefile has those targets.

Now I wanted to move debian/rules to packaging/debian/rules but nothing works.
I try fakeroot packaging/debian/rules clean binary but that apparently looks for Makefile in ./packaging/ and not in $CWD

As others stated the build scripts don't like this, as a workaround I do this from the main makefile

ln -s packaging/debian debian
fakeroot debian/rules clean binary
rm debian
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Don't do that. It's not supported. The debian directory must be under the top level.

Even if you get it to work otherwise, which I doubt, everyone will hate you because it would break every tool in the world. ;-)

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You need to invoke the Debian scripts inside your directory packaging. That's just the way it is.

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