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I'm able to connect to a webservice and download the data using a variety of devices, such as the BlackBerry 9000 with OS 4.6 or greater.

However, with the 8330 and OS it doesn't work. I have not tried this code on any devices older than the 8330 with On the 8330 it hangs on the resultObj = op.invoke(inputObject); line in the JSR172 webservice call. This is after making the first webservice call successfully -- it hangs on the second.

There are actually two webservices:

  1. The webservice used for authentication.
  2. The webservice used to download all the information.

Things I've tried thus far:

  1. Wiping the device - did nothing
  2. Connecting the device to Eclipse to see what is going on - didn't find anything useful
  3. Running the code on a 8330 simulator with 4.5 (MDS running)- works flawlessly with no problems

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Here is how I build my connection string:

    String webserviceURL = developmentUrl;

    // if it is simulator then force the network that is available on
    // the PC
    if (DeviceInfo.isSimulator()) {
        webserviceURL += ";deviceside=true";
    } else if ((CoverageInfo.getCoverageStatus() & CoverageInfo.COVERAGE_MDS) == CoverageInfo.COVERAGE_MDS) {
        // go through MDS
        webserviceURL += ";deviceside=false";
    // else if ((CoverageInfo.getCoverageStatus() &
    // CoverageInfo.COVERAGE_CARRIER) == CoverageInfo.COVERAGE_CARRIER)
    // {
    // webserviceURL += "'deviceside=true";// go direct
    // }

    // check if the wifi is available and change the url to use the wifi
    // signal
    if ((RadioInfo.getActiveWAFs() & RadioInfo.WAF_WLAN) != 0)
    // check for carrier
        if (WLANInfo.getWLANState() == WLANInfo.WLAN_STATE_CONNECTED)
        // check for wifi
            // WebService URL when the app is being used in the
            // actual device
            webserviceURL = webserviceURL + ";interface=wifi";

    // WebService URL when the app is being used in the actual device
    _propertyValues = new Object[] { webserviceURL };
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I was able to solve this problem by going to ~50k chunks for the data. I'm happy to help anyone who has a similar issue.

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