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Given three scalars, what is the perl syntax to fill a hash in which one of the scalars is the key, another determines which of two arrays is filled, and the third is appended to one of the arrays? For example:

my $weekday = "Monday";
my $kind    = "Good";
my $event   = "Birthday";

and given only the scalars and not their particular values, obtained inside a loop, I want a hash like:

my %Weekdays = {
      'Monday' => [
                    ["Birthday", "Holiday"],     # The Good array
                    ["Exam", "Workday"]          # The Bad array
      'Saturday' => [
                    ["RoadTrip", "Concert", "Movie"],
                    ["Yardwork", "VisitMIL"]

I know how to append a value to an array in a hash, such as if the key is a single array:

push( @{ $Weekdays{$weekday} }, $event);

Used in a loop, that could give me:

%Weekdays = {
        'Monday' => [

I suppose the hash key is the particular weekday, and the value should be a two dimensional array. I don't know the perl syntax to, say, push Birthday into the hash as element [0][0] of the weekday array, and the next time through the loop, push another event in as [0][1] or [1][0]. Similarly, I don't know the syntax to access same.

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Using your variables, I'd write it like this:

push @{ $Weekdays{ $weekday }[ $kind eq 'Good' ? 0 : 1 ] }, $event;

However, I'd probably just make the Good/Bad specifiers keys as well. And given my druthers:

use autobox::Core; 
( $Weekdays{ $weekday }{ $kind } ||= [] )->push( $event );

Note that the way I've written it here, neither expression cares whether or not an array exists before we start.

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That does the trick, thank you. I also appreciate the idea of using a hash of hashes instead; I will have to refactor some other stuff first, though. – jasper77 Nov 9 '10 at 22:15

Is there some reason that

 push @{ $Weekdays{Monday}[0] }, "whatever";

isn’t working for you?

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