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I am having a weird issue. I am developing a WPF app, and I added a Setup Project in order to create an installer. I am developing on XP. If I install the app on my machine it works fine, but if I install it on a Win 7 Virtual Machine it crashes when closing. On Win 7, if I run the app as administrator it doesn't crash. When I go to Problem details it says: "Problem Event Name: CLR20r3"

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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This should be a comment but I don't have enough rep.. The web is full of people having the same problem, the CLR20r3. This guy had the exact same issue, his problem turned out to be a null element in a Collection. This link has dozens of people with this error. But I think this will be the most helpfull for you. Basically you'll have to fire up the debugger, attach it to the process and dig. Maybe you can check "thrown" for Common Language Runtime Exceptions and watch if you catch anything upon closing.

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