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I have the following HTML/PHP code:

    <img id="imageViewer"src="someData" height="" width="" alt=""></img>
            //a counter so we know what image to return
            $counter =0;

            print("<a href='#'>Click me</a>");

            $imageArray = array(0 => "image link", 1 => "image link", 2=>"image link", 3=>"image link");

            if ($counter<= count($imageArray))
                $pathToImage = imageArray[$counter];
                $counter =0;
                $pathToImage = imageArray[$counter];

            //code to replace old image with new image


How do I increment $counter when the link is clicked, and then alter the image to show the new image based on what is selected from the array?

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You can't. PHP is a server side script. It's not like JavaScript that is executed live on the client's machine. PHP is executed on the server before sending data to the client.

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As it stands, $counter will be 0 every single time the page loads. Remember that all PHP code is translated into HTML before the page is rendered in the browser.

Is JavaScript an option? If so, you can dynamically change the src by listening to click events. If not, you will need to pass the current image index via $_GET or $_POST vars.

For example (using $_GET)

// define array here...

// Get next image
if ( isset($_GET['index'];) )
  $imageIndex = $_GET['index'] + 1;
  $imageIndex = 0;

// Show image...
echo '<img src="' . $imageArray[$imageIndex] . '" />';

// Next image link...
echo '<a href="URL?index=' . ($imageIndex + 1) . '">Next</a>';

Or something like that.

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how would I do this using Javascript? – zpesk Nov 9 '10 at 22:34
@zPesk you'd send an ajax request to a PHP script which increases the counter, stored in a database. – JAL Nov 9 '10 at 23:24

The only way you're going to be able to do that is if you store the data somehow. If I was doing that I'd use a database, but because it's only a counter let's store the data in a file.

Here are two shortcut functions you can use:

1). To put something into a file use: file_put_contents("counter.txt",$STRING_YOU_WISH_TO_STORE);

2). To get data from the file 'counter.txt': $data = file_get_contents("counter.txt");

You'll have to get the data stored in the file, increment it, then write it back each time you run the script.

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