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Actually I have to work with a web service written in .NET with WSE 3.0 and digital signature and encryption of soap messages. I have to make a java client in order to consume the .net webservice.

I have the wsdl file, a CA.cer file, a certoencrypt.cer file from the provider and I would like to know where to start in order to make the java client so it can consume the web service.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't know anything about wse 3.0, but that should have no limitation on creating a client to call the web-service from java. Generally, you should start by creating web-service proxy classes using something like JAX-WS RI (I'd recommend this since its packaged with JDK 1.6) or Axis2. Another useful tool for web-services development is SOAP UI.

From within soap ui, you can generate the above mentioned proxy classes using a variety of web service frameworks including the 2 mentioned above. once you have those classes generated, your going to want to reference them from your project and use them to make your web-service calls. there are examples of how to do this all over the internet, and the implementation details will depend on the framework you choose to use.

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