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i am working on a java prodject on Eclipse on win 7.

now i was working on the same project befor on a different eclipse version on Linux. so while working on the Linux system all was fine. all the sudden when i trasnferd the prodject to the win 7 computre, every place that i refer to one of the constructors data members, the compiler gives a warnning that "unqualified access to field " if add "this._member" then it is fine.

why do i need to add this? and why didnt the compiler give me a warning before?

  public class SoundWave {

     private  int _sr ;

     public SoundWave (int sr){

      _sr = sr ;


thanx allot


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What compiler version is eclipse using to compiler your program in Win7? You can find that if you right click on your project's name and click Properties. – Jeremy Heiler Nov 9 '10 at 23:45

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It is a specific setting of your Eclipse IDE, you can find it in preferences under Java Compiler:

alt text

just disable it and everything will be fine :)

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In Eclipse, go to Window --> Preferences, and then navigate the tree menu to Java --> Compiler --> Errors/Warnings. Under the Code Style section you should see an option for Unqualified access to instance field. Change the option to "Ignore".

I imagine this option was not set to "Ignore" in your older setup which is why you weren't seeing the warnings.

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