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I'm using Facebook C# SDK and I can't seem to get feed data back using Graph API.

I've obtained the following extended permissions from the user:


I have an access token for offline access.

I'm able to retrieve userid/friends information without a hitch, but can't seem to get feed data.

I get the following returned:

   "data": [


I obtained the token with type="client_cred" if that makes a difference. The process runs with user offline, so I'm not using the "me" alias.

Can someone give some direction on what I'm doing wrong?

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I'm having the identical issue and have been reading through SO and Facebook documentation for hours with no luck. I know this is really old, but did you ever get a solution? – tufelkinder Jan 9 '15 at 15:52

A token obtained with type=client_cred means "the application on behalf of itself", rather than "the application on behalf of a specific user". This means that it can only see stuff that's visible to all users. If you want to grab information on behalf of a particular user, you need to use that user's access token that you acquired. Since you asked for offline_access, when you acquire an access token for a user, that token won't expire quickly, and you can keep it around in a database.

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FB.init({ appId : 'YOUR APP ID', status : true, // check login status cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access the session xfbml : true // parse XFBML });

Once you add this code. Facebook sets a cookie on you domain. The name of the cookie would be fbs_YourAppId .

You can read the cookie and get the access_token.

Alternately you can use a method provided by the Facebook Api Connect.js file to get the feed if the user is logged in.

FB.Api(). Please refer to to know more about the method.

Happy coding :)

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